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Can you dance in your seat?

How to better connect with audiences? We ask ourselves this with every piece we write & every show we perform. Check out our world premiere of Celtic tune Farewell to Erin, remixed with a Dancehall beat and moves everyone can do… even from their seats! We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for making this video possible!

Telling a story with instruments…

Humanity is Maria’s response to hearing the cries of children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. She chose the violin & flute to tell the story of a mother and her young son – of hope for a shared future that compels them to run, desperately trying to keep a hold of each other in the face of a world that pulls them apart. Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for making this composition possible.

Maria’s Solos..

Check out Maria’s solo for live + pre-recorded violin inspired by tango great Astor Piazzolla! If you want to try playing one of Maria’s solos, Sakura was just published in a first-run printing of 12,400 copies for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)! Taught in over 90 countries, you can get your own copy here: ABRSM Violin Exam Pieces, Grade 8 Fun fact: Maria is the only female or living composer featured in the publication!

Awesome live photos

We have discovered the perfect live music photographer – Ashlee Wilcox!  She must’ve been as sweaty as we were, contorting to capture shots from every angle of our show for the National Association for Music Education.  Click the photo for our favorite picks.

Ashlee Wilcox

Debut of the Skiing Flutist

We’ve experienced a lot of winter storms on the East Coast of late and, rather than grumble about it, decided to pack our skis, flute & camera and head to Vermont!  A few tips:

  1. Downhill speed ≠ getting a sound
  2. Stick to the top octave (preferably with one hand to get in some dance moves)
  3. Below freezing temperatures might get you stuck to your flute
  4. Stop playing and throw the flute if you’re going to crash!

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂