Let’s Get Moved

See those hands outstretched? They belong to Shawn & Maria, welcoming you to the ultimate classical/electronic music party. Who knew that reckless virtuosity on the flute & violin could propel you to exultation? Revel in a heady blend of instrumentals, improv and dance beats – whether it’s a remix of an iconic composer (Bach, Pachelbel) or theme (Game of Thrones), Maria & Shawn transform the familiar as freely as they craft the new. And when you join in – clapping, dancing, interacting – you complete the magic spell that sets Sonic Escape‘s shows alight.

Sonic Escape offers the following programs in conjunction with their mainstage show:

Around the World

K-12 Educational Outreach Show

The flute and violin are two of the world’s most beloved instruments, and their likeness can be found in virtually every culture’s music.  In this program, Shawn and Maria perform a rich blend of classical and world music from Germany, Ireland, Japan, China, the Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Uruguay, the United States and Canada.  Audience participation through dancing, clapping, enacting, sharing stories and Q&A is greatly encouraged!

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Prep, Pitch & Perform: How to Build a Music Career You Love

University Workshop Series

Sonic Escape is truly a one-stop indie shop.  What makes their hundreds of performances across 40 North American states & provinces so unique is that they create everything from scratch – their tours, compositions, videos, dance moves, audience interaction, and most notably, their signature, hyper-instrumental sound.  In Prep, Pitch & Perform, Maria and Shawn synthesize years of lessons learned into a simple-to-follow plan for building a career you love.  Here’s how…

Part 1: The Prep is a master class that answers, “Why should people come see you live?”  With topics including stage presence, audience engagement, speaking and movement, Sonic Escape works on how to make your performance stand out and how to use video & audio documentation to take your craft to the next level.

Part 2: The Pitch is a workshop about getting booked.  Sonic Escape provides insight into the booking cycle, approaching buyers, leveraging your network, establishing internet presence and securing venues to perform (and get paid)!  Whether you want to play in orchestra, teach, self-manage or be managed, understanding how to get booked is essential for building a career on your own terms.

Part 3: The Performance is a brainstorming session that transforms Part 1 & 2 into a plan of action.  As a musician, there is no better way to crystallize your goals than to produce, present and evaluate your own concert.  Sonic Escape guides you through a step-by-step process that results in a blueprint – unique to your aspirations, skills and resources – for making your next concert a career-driving success.

5-Day Community Project


Sonic Escape presents a 5-day residency with workshops and masterclasses on chamber music playing, improvisation, collaboration, research and presentation.  The activities culminate in a concert for the local community by Sonic Escape and residency participants!