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“You blew people out of the water… I have never seen a standing ovation during our assembly like that one – people were mesmerized.”

Denese Odegaard, President [2016-18], National Association for Music Education (Washington, DC)

We all have something to say.  Some of us know what that is; some don’t.  Some of us know our mission on earth; some of us are still searching.  Either way, to achieve your true potential, your ideas need to be communicated and understood by those around you.  Yet, every day, these messages fail to take flight or fall on deaf ears.  That stops now.

Shawn & Maria are grand masters of FEARLESS COMMUNICATION, and there’s nothing they want more than to inspire you to powerfully connect with the people in your life.  They’ve dedicated the past decade – engaging over 100,000 audience members across 40+ North American states and provinces – to perfecting their fearless formula for the stage: be authentic, be vulnerable, be audacious.  The results are so euphoric that Maria & Shawn want to equip YOU with the life-changing tools of FEARLESS COMMUNICATION.

Expect to be dazzled, energized and transformed as Shawn & Maria take you on a rollicking journey in bold living.  Stories, soaring melodies and interactive segments will have you smiling on your feet; you’ll come away shocked that the party you just experienced laid the groundwork for courageous connection in work and in life.

FEARLESS COMMUNICATION is about more than just performing, more than charisma: it’s about combining your unique skills and talents to authentically connect with others when it matters most.

“Opening listeners’ minds to sounds and ideas they’d never previously considered…”

Aidan Connolly, Executive Director, The Irish Arts Center (New York, NY)

What are the Key Takeaways? YOU will:

Learn to deliver your message to the world with energy and clarity.

Realize that fearlessness is within your grasp and that it can help guide you on your journey.

See that connection, joy and humor can always be found, even when you’re under pressure.

Witness genuine passion, partnership and innovation firsthand.

“Extraordinary musicians and communicators, infectious in their performance style… able to deliver with beautiful simplicity key insights for overcoming any kind of obstacle.”

David Braun, Niagara District School Board (Welland, ON)

Why entrust Shawn & Maria to speak at your event?

Excitement: Maria & Shawn get people PUMPED UP! Their youthful energy belies 6+ decades of combined stage experience.

Partnership: They work together with you (the planner) and amongst themselves in pursuit of a higher purpose. And as Juilliard-trained musicians they blend flute and violin more beautifully than anyone else on earth.

Rapport: Shawn & Maria regularly perform for and interact with people from a diversity of ages, nationalities and identities. With audiences large and small, their priority is always to connect with each person individually.

Composure: There is virtually nothing that can happen that will throw them off their game while on-stage.

Synergy: Maria & Shawn’s ease with one another and their audience is contagious, increasing the sense of camaraderie among team members.

Value: Double the fun! Your audience will listen up as they hear two voices instead of one (rare in the speaking industry).

Reliability: You can relax knowing that Shawn and Maria are seasoned travelers. Their creativity & ability to think on their feet have meant that neither the weather nor cancelled flights have ever kept them from an engagement.