Digital Now Project

Greater Toronto Area Toronto, ON

A collaboration with dancers, composers, electronic producers and cinematographers to create multidisciplinary works. Videos will feature styles including House music + dance, Mariachi music, Indian/contemporary dance and cinematic Japanese music. Made possible by a grant from Canada Council for the Arts. Video #1: SEVEN DREAMS in collaboration with Jihwoan Ahn, Indiana Mehta and Thomas […]

Residency in Minnesota

Great River Regional Area MN

Maria & Shawn will perform 18 concerts and outreach shows in and around St. Cloud, MN. Organized by the Great River Regional Library (for whom they've had the pleasure of performing twice before), these performances display the Library's commitment to extensive arts programming throughout Central Minnesota.

Concert at Folkestone

Folkestone Performing Arts Auditorium Wayzata, MN

Shawn & Maria will be performing at Folkestone in Wayzata, MN.