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Play Harder Series: On Violins and Virtuosity (Entry 2)

This past month, I’ve listened to more live violin playing than I have in the last two decades combined!  The spree began on a sunny September day in Toronto.  I arrived at 8:30 am for jury duty… but fun jury duty.  It involved listening to Canadians from around the world who flew in to compete for 21 violins and cellos – including instruments by Stradivari, Guarneri and Gagliano – in the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank Competition.

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Play Harder Series: I Love This World (Entry 1)

I love this world.  And I have my tiny New York City apartment to thank.  Cooped up in our cramped abode – after several years in even tinier Juilliard dorm rooms – Shawn Wyckoff and I were ready to blaze a trail out of Manhattan.  So we bought a $500 minivan, found a Craigslist sublet in Salt Lake City, booked a “tour” (a couple library concerts bookending weeks of hiking & biking) and voilà – Sonic Escape, our flute and violin group, was born.

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Play Harder – A New Series by Maria

In an unprecedented partnership with Canada Council for the Arts, Maria has begun penning a 36-week series called Play Harder.  The blog will chronicle the adventures of Shawn and Maria as they travel to four corners of Canada and the US – Nova Scotia, Florida, Nunavut and California – to research, shoot footage and compose Four Seasons Rising.  Click here to read her first entry, I Love This World.  Et en français?  Comme j’aime ce monde.

Bach in Ireland!

With 3 cameras on hand, Terry Currie did a beautiful job of capturing our performance of Bach in Ireland. Thanks to a long flight from NYC to San Francisco and the availability of an electrical outlet (go Delta!)…

Maria Editing Small

…Maria had a moment to edit together the shots and produce this video that we’re very excited to share with you:

New Season, New Videos!

After a magical summer away (more about that soon) WE ARE BACK!  We’re putting together some videos from our performances and adventures… here’s the first.  The theme from one of Maria’s favorite childhood movies – Tonari no Totoro – with a twist at the end!

2014/15 Season Coming Soon

We’re really looking forward to our line up of concerts, workshops and residencies starting in September 2014 – we’ll be touring the South for the first time in addition to returning to the West Coast, Rockies, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, East Coast and (way) up North!  Keep an eye on our calendar as we’ll be posting dates over the next few weeks…