Four Seasons Rising   

We have but one Earth.
Isn’t she exquisite?
So let’s gather in her honor.
Let’s celebrate her through music and acts of community engagement!
Let’s turn our passion into positive action.

Four Seasons Rising (4S↑) combines music and activities to reawaken our love for Earth.  With The Symphony as the culminating event, Sonic Escape joins the local community in activities that connect with our environment and the people working to protect it.  4S↑ is based on the premise that experiencing the beauty of our planet – through art and interaction – is the best way to inspire lasting action.

4S↑: The Symphony

The Symphony is a living time capsule of North America’s four seasons, and a love letter in fierce defense of saving them for generations to come.  Composed by Maria with funding support from Canada Council for the Arts, The Symphony features Shawn’s flute and Maria’s violin in concert with full symphony orchestra.  Each of the four movements highlights a season, a musical style and a region whose way of life will forever be impacted by climate change.

Summer – Miami, Florida – where surf, sand and sun set the stage for eternal summer, and as night falls, music brings echoes of the Caribbean to life.  February 22-29, 2016

Fall – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – where mountains crash into open sea, and rolling forests radiate every shade of fall.  Fiddling abounds, preserving the roots of Celtic music as only an island can.  October 4-11, 2015 (Maine); October 12-November 3, 2015 (Nova Scotia)

Winter – Iqaluit, Nunavut – where ice and snow whisper haunting premonitions, and song and dance set cold, dark winters ablaze.  April 13-29, 2016

Spring – Central Valley, California – where soil, kissed by sun and cradled by mountains, sprouts any food our hearts desire, and next door in Hollywood, music + movies make magic.  May 12-June 3, 2016

*Dates when Maria and Shawn went to each region to research, perform and film.


4S↑: The Activities

Coordinated alongside local non-profit organizations, activities leading up to The Symphony can include:

        1. Hike – a guided stroll through a local preserve or area that makes the community unique
        2. Jam – an instrumental jam session for both amateurs and professionals in celebration of Earth… around a campfire if weather permits!
        3. Talk – a panel discussion by local experts on what we can do now to combat climate change
        4. Eat – a sampling of vegan food that’s good for you, good for the planet!
        5. Meet – a fun, networking event designed to meet like-minded individuals and learn more about local non-profit organizations
        6. Clean – a good ol’ garbage pickup in an area that needs it most
        7. Write – a letter-writing session that brings people together to pen letters to editors, corporations and public officials

4S↑: Stories (and Pictures) from the Road

Maria wrote a blog series for Canada Council for the Arts entitled Play Harder as she traveled for Four Seasons Rising
(Les versions françaises suivent.)

Jouer sa vie : Je ne pratique pas (et je vous encourage à faire comme moi) – 7e billet

Jouer sa vie : La musique pour protéger l’environnement? (6e billet)

Jouer sa vie : Aidez-moi, je suis une artiste (5e billet)

Photos from Fall… more seasons coming soon!